Different, but one

Holding you is like holding a part of me. Outside of me but not vulnerable. It possesses a certain strong character–something that depicts strong emotions.

Looking at your eyes, I see my own reflection. The feelings extracted through the windows of your soul seem to emit the same feelings I do have.

The feel, the touch, our skin colliding, it feels like founding yourself in the body of a different person.

Different, but one in heart.

Our Differences

I’m too busy with my work, hindi na kita nabibigyan ng time.

Kahit na personal na lakad ito, sinamahan niya ako magpacheck up sa sakit ko (na since high school pa nag-eexist).

Masaya naman ako, kasi nalulungkot talaga ako kapag sobrang busy siya. Though, I understand him. Really. Pero nakaka-sad din kasi minsan na wala siyang time para sa akin.

I know that he’s doing what he can do. Chat. Text. Calls. But there’s no better way of knowing each other than to be together personally, ‘di ba?

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