Things I need to be reminded of…

There are things we forget — intentionally or not. But more importantly, some of these things that we forget, are actually the things we need to be reminded of.

Or maybe yeah, I’m just speaking for myself here. Yes, maybe I’m starting to forget… Again. And it’s not my mind that’s failing. This time, it’s me–I’m failing myself and I’m losing confidence and hope.

1. It’s okay to cry.

Most of the time, I stop myself from crying. It feels like a luxury and I’m just too busy to feel the pain.

“Not now,” I always tell myself.

It’s either I’m busy or I just wanted to shun the truth out of my face.

Whatever the reason is, whatever may your situation be, don’t forget to cry. Give yourself a break.

Crying is a need. Whether there’s someone who’d listen or none, crying will make you feel okay after.

Not the okay okay, but the kind of okay that’s really okay.

Always remember that every tear you cry, is precious in God’s eye (from a song lyrics). He sees it and will wipe it away soon. So there, just cry.

2. It’s okay to be corrected.

Wise people accept correction with open arms. No one’s perfect is a cliché truth but that’s what it really is! Don’t be too hard on yourself for making mistakes.

Even King David was corrected of his wrongdoings. Remember, he’s the man after God’s own heart and no one has ever and will ever be like him. Yet, he committed sins like murder and adultery!

But, once corrected, once asking for forgiveness, and after receiving God’s grace, he turn away from his sin, 180 degrees. No turning back!

Do not be like Cain, who even replied in a bad manner when God asked where’s his brother.

“Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Can you hint any remorse on that? You see, you can never correct a mistake with another mistake.

Listen to correction, accept it, smile, and never do it again. Only fools will repeat the same mistake twice. Learn everyday, make new mistakes, and aim to be perfect by the grace of God.

3. Patience, patience, patience

It has been my greatest dilemma of all time. To be patient in basically everything! I hate waiting.

But one thing I learn from the Lord is that, aside from the idea that he has a perfect timing for everything, sometimes, we are actually the cause of delay!

Remember how the Israelites took a 400-year journey just to reach the promise land? What transpired before God declared it? Here’s a short story about it:

When the 12 spies came back from spying the promise land, they saw how great the land is! They even took home a branch of fruit that has to be carried by two people! That’s how bountiful it is!

But, aside from the overflowing goodness of the land, they saw the giants that resides in there.

As they went back to camp to report what they saw, 10 of them didn’t focus on the promise. They didn’t focus on the miracles that God did in their journey out of Egypt. They didn’t focus on the great things ahead of them.

They focused on the giants; on how these giants can overpower them with just their finger; on how they’ll be defeated since they think that there’s no way they’ll win.

Actually, they’re right. The giants can overpower them BUT what they didn’t think is that they got an even bigger God!

Because of their attitude and of their response, God knew that they are not ready to receive the blessing yet.

400 years, just to set the right attitude and heart.

See? God wants us to give something but we are not ready. And that’s delaying things.

There’s a saying, “Never compare your chapter 12 to someone else’s chapter 34.” You see, impatience is sometimes brought by comparison with others’ accomplishments. Doing such only delays your moment. As you browse in your friend’s Facebook account, stalking the places she visited and foods she ate at a certain event won’t make you go to any place!

You know what’s amazing? God wants us to be fully ready. He sets us up, gears us with the right weapon, strengthen our hearts and spirit, and keep us aligned to his word, until we can really say,

“C’mon, Lord. Let’s do this! I’m ready now.”

Of course, only God can say.

You see, when things don’t turn out the way you expect it to be, simply go back to God’s word. Let it be the light to your path on where you have to go. On where God is sending you.

So to me, I just need to be reminded of this. Or maybe, just maybe, you too.


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