Celebrating Quarter Life

There’s so much horror in reaching quarter life. They said that depression arise and questions pop out during this age–Where am I headed? What will I become? What do I really want?

And yes, I do not deny such fact, but on the other hand, I felt relaxed in knowing that I’ve got a big boss up there who has planned my life more than I could ever plan mine. 😉

I thought of celebrating my 25th year in Baguio, a secluded place where I could just enjoy nature and a cup of hot chocolate for 2 days. Last minute, my dad did not approved. I decided then to just book a day tour in Villa Escudero, prolly a lunch by the falls would make me feel calm, to which again, my dad disapproved by the last minute, literally! Probably because of what happened to me a few days ago. Check out why thru the story HERE.

Anyway, I ended up rushing plans for things to do on my birthday and ended up visiting and eating random places in my bucket list.

Here’s my Pre, During, and Post birthday Celebration Photo Essay. You’d surely enjoy the restaurants I tried and you might want to try it too!


Celebrating with this girl who was beautifully stressed out during Summer Camp; I just thought a treat would help her, which did work!

Nic’s Bakeshop at UP Town Center 

Parmesan Ensaymada – P55; just add P95 for hot chocolate


The hot chocolate is highly recommended! Super chocolatey taste!

The Primary Kitchen + Bar at UP Town Center

Thanks for the blurred shot, Kuya Waiter XD


Seafood Overload and Buffalo Wings with Gorgonzola Dip, total of P995


Pre-birthday family dinner at Cabalen Trinoma branch!


P333/pax; for FREE if visited 3 days before or after your actual birthday

#TeamMarcaida gave me a surprise! ❤️💗💖




And bullied me with this certificate! 😂




25 on 24th!

Drop by at the bookstore and started panic-buying for books!


In case it’s not obvious, these are books!!! ❤


Pastaholics is such a serene place in the middle of a very busy street!

Spicy Marinara with mixed seafood really woke me up and gave that spicy kick I didn’t really expect!


Theobrew Christian Book Cafe is a Christian Cafe in the middle of Robinsons Place Novaliches (literally in the middle).


Less than P200 for this combo meal! Dark choco wafer frappe + carrot cashew, smore’s, and chocolate banana cupcakes!


God never hurries, and so must I. 

Left this inspirational note on their glass board. 😉


Had dinner with an amazing Filipino food here at Crisostomo!


I ordered two female recipes:

Salome’s Secret

Salome’s Secret


Maria Elena


And last but not the least, received this 2 items that are off my bucket baking list because it came as a gift from Mommy and Ganaze! Yay!


Cupcake Tower from Boxination and Cupcake Courier from Top Chefs! Ugh. Two of my favorite baking stores! ❤

I am your shield, your very great reward (Genesis 15:1)

Walk before me and be blameless (Genesis 17:1)



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