How do you make a #MarcaidaKids?

Our parents must have been proud of us four, not because we’ve reached to a point of success in career and our lives (we’re almost there!), but because of a developed relationship or bond between us four.

Believe me, if you grew up with us, we’re totally more than Team Cap or Team Ironman; World War 3 would have gone a long time ago.

I remember how vicious I was as a child. Being a firstborn, I hated my siblings, but I didn’t understand hate back then. I just know that I had to pull Ganaze’s hair; I had to pinch Gospel’s small arms; and yeah, leave Japheth hanging while running away from a dog chasing us.

The first time (as I remember) to really feel responsible for my brothers and sister is when two of them got bitten by a dog, consecutively. I mean, really, 1 dog bites 2 kids in 2 days, and it get past me!

I felt that I was responsible for not being able to protect them. I remember crying and being angry with myself.

But it stopped there. The cat fights continue.

When the four of us got separated because others has to study abroad when my Mom was assigned in Dubai, the care and longingness was there, but it was not openly shared.

On the webcam, we share stories we’ve only experienced apart.

Thru chats, we shared dreams and secrets, but we never get to react whether it’s a good idea or not. Who are we to say so? In reality, we barely knew each other.

The care and love is there, but words and actions are seldom said and done.

As we grow old, our fights grew up as well from arguments to yelling; from pinches to punches.

I can no longer remember how it started to become like this. How I love yous and corrections with love are now our exchange of words and actions.

I guess, just like any kind of love, you don’t force them to like each other. If only for ourselves, we might not really do. But, if individually, you crafted a child to be closer to God and truly experience and believe that God loves him/her, that love will emanate and spread.

The same love that we have experienced from God is the same love we have for each other.

I guess, our parents found the secret recipe. If God’s love is overflowing within, it will spill out first to the people around you.

Having siblings is like having best friends, without your consent, being forced about it, but love every bit of it.


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