Rab Stories: People-pleaser

Rab’s classmates had a heart to heart talk with him.

Hindi raw sila bati.

His heart sank. He had a mixture of anger and sadness.

I asked him what’s the problem and he told me the story.

This group of bright girls talked to him and told him that they will only be friends with him if he’ll be good.

Rab is really naughty in class and has this really different attitude and these group of girls who behaves well does not want him in their group of friends.

I laughed. I guess being people-pleaser is not taught but it has been an innate character as if we owe a lot to this world that it has to be pleased.

I know he wouldn’t understand now:

That it doesn’t matter if the whole world doesn’t like him;

That these kind of people are not worth the effort;

That he doesn’t have to do¬†what they want just to please them;

That he doesn’t have to get anyone’s approval.

When he grows up, I know that he’d realize that if a person really likes him, they would, no matter who he is.

God did the same to us, he loved us no matter what. We ought to follow God’s example of love for he has love every bit of who we are.

Actually, if you got God’s approval, the world won’t matter.


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