MRT Stories: Nth time

17 minutes have passed before the help came.

For 17 minutes, ate was in pain. She cannot move her legs. She went inside the train all well, then got out barely walking.
For 17 minutes, Guard 1 callsĀ for assistance. For 17 minutes, Guard 1 waited for help.
For 17 minutes, ate sobs in pain.
On the 18th minute, a help came.
But it was Guard 2, whom I think is not equip with enough medical knowledge to conduct first aid on what could have been a fracture.
On the 18th minute, they brought a chair, a plastic, not the wheeled one.
On the 18th minute, Guard 2 tried to lift ate.
On that second, she shouted in pain.
Mission failed.
I left the scene. Ate still cries in pain. Guard 2 does not know what to do.
And I wonder if I’m not paying my taxes enough for the MRT management not to afford a standby medical team.
In cases like this, every minute counts. But still on the 18th minute, the simple injury wasn’t addressed.
Disheartened for the nth time.

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