Wasabi Warriors

Our Warrior Story

“Warrior (insert name here), here’s your order!”

One fine lunch time, my friends thought of visiting the five Wasabi brothers–trained by their fathers to honor the ways of the earth, oceans, and animals.

We’ve searched far and wide, even taxis doesn’t want to accompany us. It was far beyond our usual route, but the visit, I know, would be a remarkable experience.

Famous around the globe, the five brothers visited the Philippines to share the qualities their father has taught: to feel good, do good, and eat good.

Finally we’ve reached the destination. The place is big and cozy. Gladly, it isn’t full.

We were welcomed by a great number of selection, from mixed to fried, from black rice, to brown, white.

Sushi Rolls

I’ve met Warrior Ocean and Warrior Veggie, they are calm as the oceans could be, and sweet as seasoned mangoes. But add some Chili Mayo (their own secret recipe), and they will surely give you a nice spicy kick.

But it is definitely scrumptious than the usual Kikomann treat.

I’ve also met Warrior Porky–tasty but quick. With one or two bites of convo, he’s out on the double. If you order an extra, you’ll surely have wait.

Also, we’ve met their helper, Suzy the Sushi Robot. She can makes 100-150 sushi in one go!

Suzy the Sushi Robot

I liked all brothers that I’ve met. I’ll be honest too, it is affordable and is worth it. Once I’m out, I’m really full!

But my friend said they weren’t so authentic, Kasumi Miyahara (Her name is so credible, I just have to write it in full) said she wasn’t satisfied.


Your Warrior Menu

Also, it is served in a plastic container, like those that you can grab and go.

It is the First and only in the country, but I’ve read that the brothers are looking for their lost sister, read the Warrior Story.

The Warrior Story

I also look forward in meeting her!
Warrior Tip:
Subscribe to their email and present the proof to get one FREE Sushi Roll!
G/F Unit 05, The Gramercy Residences, Century City, Kalayaan Ave., cor. Salamanca st., Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City

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