Sultan Mediterranean Grill

Want to grab some Middle Eastern taste? Sultan Mediterranean Grill is a perfect spot for it! We’ve spotted one in one of the hidden alleys of Makati.

From the outside, you’ll already smell the aroma as if a Sultan is really inviting you to come and dine!

Sultan Mediterranean Grill Entrance (Photo from Facebook Page)

Aside from the delicious taste, meals are sure affordable! Me and my friends tried the Chicken Kebab Plate. The chicken is tender and juicy, though the rice served is not the middle eastern-type which is supposed to be long grained and not sticky.

Chicken Kebab Plate, P180

The yogurt sauce though is so perfect for the chicken kebab, we almost finished a whole bottle! For a spicy taste, they have a separate bottle for the sauce. Although, my friend who loves spicy food said that it wasn’t so spicy even if she added chili flakes already. Not really sure if it’s her high tolerance of spicy food or the sauce just lacks some spicy kick.

The place is cozy and small, large group seem not advisable since you might end up seating on different tables. The staff are so busy attending to many customers too so you really have to be patient in waiting for the food to be served.

According to my friends, the restaurant had its renovations and improvements which is actually better since it looks more clean and classy.


Sultan Mediterranean Grill is located at: UG9 Valero Plaza Condominium, 124 San Agustin, Makati City


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