Le Coude Rouge

Craving for a French taste? Le Coude Rouge offers authentic French cuisine at a very affordable price!

It has a not-so-elegant ambiance, far from what I expected, and actually has a laid-back feel, which is really good. The table cloth looks good for picnics!

For those practicing the French language, you may converse with the waiter in such. But for those who are not, they are very flexible and will even teach you a few words.

Photo from Myra’s Instagram Account

The food is good for sharing, since it’s a little bit pricey, but me and my officemate ordered two meals, and it’s worth it!

Coq Au Vin with mashed potato (Chicken cooked in red wine, shallots, mushroom, and bacon)

Our first meal is Coq Au Vin. The chicken meat is soft and tender. It is also very tasty. Myra thinks it’s a native chicken. I actually have no idea because it tastes great!

Baguette Pizza with green salad and fries

For our additional meal, we had Baguette Pizza. I love the combination of the crunchy baguette and ham with other toppings (that I am not familiar with). The fries is a great compliment.

Au de Chocolat (Chocolate Crepe)

For the dessert, the Chocolate Crepe is thin and is not too sweet. For not so sweet lovers, this may be good, for those who has a sweet tooth like mine, I craved for more.

Overall experience is fun and the food is really good, very French, I guess.


Le Coude Rouge is a cafeteria inside Alliance Francaise de Manille in Makati, near SM Jazz Residences.


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