Bohol Trip – Four-day Itinerary (Day 3&4)

Bohol is an awesome place! Despite that it was hit by one of the strongest earthquake, it was able to regain its natural beauty, and take pride for its capability to stand again.

Truly, the heart of Bol-anon is unshakable.


Here is the complete itinerary of our four-day stay in Bohol, good for 3pax

Dumaluan Beach Resort

The cold breeze of Panglao Island woke me up. For the morning, we explored the beauty of the beach and the island!

Our good morning faces! 🙂

Our Kubo!

Live starfish!

No matter where we are, we are connected! ❤

Come lunch time, we looked for a carinderia that will serve us some Bohol delicacy. We rode a tricycle on our way to a carinderia, which is also near our next destination, Bohol Bee Farm.

The tricycle charged us for P30/head, and dropped us at a carinderia (I forgot the name!). We were served Adobong Pugita, Paa ng baka, and Monggo! Yummy, and we only paid for less than P100 each!

Bohol Bee Farm

We walk to Bohol Bee Farm, which we though was just near but was actually a little bit far!

We are supposed to go on a tour to be able to see the bees at work! But it’s raining that day and the tour guide said that bees are aggressive on rainy days, and they’re not including it for the tour for safety purposes.

We just then toured ourselves (it’s free anyway!) around the Bohol Bee Farm.

Hammock for sale

We also tried their bestseller Malunggay Ice Cream (I believe it is made with honey). There are other flavors too, but Malunggay is their bestseller. The cone is made of dried cabcab!

Malunggay Ice Cream on Dried Cabcab!

They are selling various honey-made items like spreads, bread, and other stuff like bags because they also have a weaving industry there. All the food there has a free taste! I bought Kapeng Mais, ’cause I love coffee and got addicted upon tasting it the first time!

We rode another habal-habal on our way back because we are tired of walking already. We paid P20/ride on the habal-habal.

We are going back to Tagbilaran again to buy souvenirs before we go home tomorrow. We didn’t want to pay for another P600 special ride! We waited for a jeepney but nothing came. Good thing, there’s a good van driver who allowed us to hitch! He thought we were locals, so he stopped when we shouted, Tagbilaran?!

Kuya (I forgot the name!) was about to fetch a group of Koreans who are going to have a tour in Bohol. He allowed us to come with him, and he dropped us near ICM. We paid him the normal fare for jeepneys, which is P30/head. At first, we were a little afraid of him, but we exchanged stories, so we will all feel at ease.

Then, I realized, there are a lot of friendly people in Bohol! No wonder that Tagbilaran City is known as the City of Friendship!

We bought a lot of souvenirs from the market and some souvenir shops then headed back to Dumaluan Beach Resort to enjoy more of the beaches’ beauty!

Dinner by the beach!

We had our dinner at the Dumaluan Beach Resort 2! All grilled at a reasonable price!

The rest of our stay until the next morning is spent by the beach!

After a few preparations, we then head back to Manila the next day. Our hearts are filled with joy, and memories filled with new learning. It was such a fun experience and a very memorable moment! Til the next travel of 3Ms 🙂


Photo Courtesy: MagbooManahanMarcaida

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