Bohol Trip – Four-day Itinerary (Day 2)

Bohol is an awesome place! Despite that it was hit by one of the strongest earthquake, it was able to regain its natural beauty, and take pride for its capability to stand again.

Truly, the heart of Bol-anon is unshakable.


Here is the complete itinerary of our four-day stay in Bohol, good for 3pax!

We had a peaceful sleep at Paddle’s Up Guesthouse, our first guesthouse location in Bohol. We have a lot of places to go to for today’s itinerary so we geared up early.

For our breakfast, we chose to eat at this place before leaving.

Yum breakfast!

As we are planning on how to get to our destinations, Kuya Rico, one of the caretakers in the guesthouse offered their car for rent as we go around the province. It was a good offer since travelling through public transportation is not common in the area, which might take too much of our time.

Soooo ready!

We rented the guesthouse’s car for P600 for three locations—Tarsier Conservation Center-Sevilla Hanging Bridge-Loboc Cruise. Not bad!

Tarsier Conservation Center

Of course. when in Bohol, you should never miss seeing the smallest primate in the world. They are nocturnal creatures. It is actually saddening that the tour is for 8am-5pm, the time which they are supposed to be sleeping.

Silence Please!

They are very delicate creatures, if they’re depressed, they’re prone to suicide. They’ll kill themselves by banging their heads until they die. Cameras with flash are not allowed too, it will hurt their eyes which leads to killing themselves too.

Visitors are not allowed to create loud noises so as not to disturb the sleeping creatures. Though, there would be times that they will be bothered and will wake up.

Tarsier of Bohol

We tried not to bother them, but some of them are sensitive, even with the slight sound of the camera.

The tarsiers can be easily spotted. A roof made of big, dried leaf is the clue. We’ve spotted 3 of them for the entire trail.

Trail inside the conservation center

The entrance fee in Tarsier Conservation Center is P60.
After the tour, we had a short buko break! Refreshing!

Sevilla Hanging Bridge

Next stop is this very uncommon tourist spot in Bohol. The Sevilla Hanging Bridge. It is a fun tourist attraction since the bridge is really scary, for me!

It is originally made from bamboo and ropes, but to add stability, it is now improved with steel cables.

There are two bridges where you can walk as you go to the other side then going back. Entrance Fee is P10.

Sevilla Hanging Bridge

It was a short, scary, yet fun experience! At the other side of the bridge is buko king. We didn’t get to see him perform since we already had our buko break at the conservation center.

On our way to the next destination, Kuya Rico allowed us to ride on top load!

On top!

Loboc River Cruise

Since we were not able to have our dinner cruise last night, we chose to go today. The cruise opens at 11am to 4pm. There are different boats that serve the tourists every hour. The line wasn’t that long when we get there. The cruise is worth P450 for each person, inclusive of the cruise and lunch buffet.

Yummy Seafood Buffet!

Our sumptuous lunch!

The cruise is a unique experience. We are serenaded with local and old english songs as we eat and traverse the Loboc River. It is so peaceful, and the food are delectable!

Our serenader. Wonderful modern and classic songs available!

The cruise ends at the Busay Falls. It signals the u-turn.

Busay Falls

On our way back, we were serenaded by another group of locals through folk song and dance on a floating restaurant. The performers were kids and oldies. It’s nice how the kids are familiar with their local songs and dance, what a good way to pass on the culture to the new generation!

Elaine with Bol-anon Women

Jaymee with Bol-anon Kids

Chocolate Hills

No one could miss dropping by at the famous Chocolate Hills when in Bohol! After leaving the guesthouse, we’re back to travelling on our own.

We waited for a bus that will bring us to the Chocolate Hills. After a few minutes, one bus came, it’s loaded with passengers but we still went in. From Loboc to Carmen, it is worth P25.

I find it fun to ride the bus, I get to connect with the locals, observe the things they do, and appreciate the view more.

The driver then told us to go and ride another habal-habal (single motorcycle) on our way to Chocolate Hills. For two rides (back and forth), we paid P40.

Wonderful Chocolate Hills!

It is such an amazing sight after a long trail! It is worth it! The efforts and all! It is amazing how God was able to think of such wonderful and natural work of art! It looks like a painting, but it’s real! It is such an awesome experience!

They seem to be so close!

It’s getting dark and foggy already because of the rain, so we headed back to where the bus dropped us. We are going to get another bus ride back to Tagbilaran City. We are planning to buy some supplies then spend the night at Panglao Island.

How to get there:
Special tricycle ride from ICM to Panglao Island: P600
Jeepney from ICM to Panglao Island: P40 

(There are limited jeepneys to Panglao Island, we were not able to catch the last trip because we bought some supplies for our remaining stay in the island. Some of the food there might be too expensive!)

Dumaluan Beach Resort

It was night time when we reached Panglao Island. We checked in at Dumaluan Beach Resort. We chose a tree house that’s good for 4 persons for 1,000/night. It has no air condition, but the place is really cold so it’s actually more than okay! It is also super duper near the beach!

For charging of cellphones, there’s a lobby in front that charges P20/gadget/full charge.

We had our dinner at the Dumaluan Beach Resort 1 Restaurant. It was expensive to eat there, but since we’re hungry, we were not able to find a cheaper restaurant.

It was an activity-filled day! Excited to explore the Bohol province more!


Photo Courtesy: MagbooManahanMarcaida

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