Bohol Trip – Four-day Itinerary (Day 1)

Bohol is an awesome place! Despite that it was hit by one of the strongest earthquake, it was able to regain its natural beauty, and take pride for its capability to stand again.

Truly, the heart of Bol-anon is unshakable.


Here is the complete itinerary of our four-day stay in Bohol, good for 3pax!

We took an AirAsia flight to Tagbilaran City (via Piso Sale Promo). The flight was delayed because of some air traffic, which we assumed was caused by the previous typhoon Glenda. Still, after a 1 hour and 15-minute travel, we are glad that we landed safe in Tagbilaran City.


Upon arrival at Tagbilaran City. Adventure starts here!

We are first time backpack travelers, so we are all excited to explore the province! And since we arrived at almost lunch time, we headed for our first restaurant destination.

Gerarda’s Restaurant

We did our research about the famous restaurants in Tagbilaran, and Gerarda’s Restaurant is featured in GMA News TV’s ‘Ang Pinaka’ Yummy Restaurants in Bohol, that’s why we tried it. The restaurant is just behind the community hospital.

How to get there from the airport?
Ride a tricycle, P20/pax.

It is an old house turned into a restaurant. We ordered Bouillabaisse and Dinakdakan, the restaurant’s specialty! The food is good for sharing.


Bouillabaisse in a single serving but it is served in a big bowl, P295


Dinakdakan, P180

Inside Gerarda’s Restaurant

After a sumptuous lunch, we headed to our next destination.

Sandugo Shrine

It is one of the most famous landmarks in Bohol, and also the reason for the festivity in Bohol every July.

Sandugo is the first diplomatic agreement that existed in the Philippines.

On our way to the shrine, we encountered two foreigners, heading somewhere, we just took a picture with them and admire their bravery as they commute in a land where they are not familiar with, even with the language!

With the two foreigners. The man says he does not fit in the jeepney! Which is true.

How to get there?
Ride a tricycle going to Island City Mall (ICM), P10
Note: Island City Mall is the terminal for Jeepneys going anywhere in Bohol. A lot of tricycles and taxis are there too to cater those who’d want special services/transpo
Ride a jeepney to Loboc, tell the driver to drop you at the shrine, P8


Sandugo Shrine

Baclayon Church

From the Sandugo Shrine, we went to Baclayon Church. It is one of the churches that was hit by the earthquake.

How to get there?
Ride a jeepney to Loboc, tell the driver to drop you at the church, P8


Baclayon Church under repair due to earthquake.

There’s a museum in Baclayon Church, and as part of our tour, we also went inside. The money will also help for the restoration of the church. Camera isn’t allowed inside the museum, but it is allowed inside the church. The entrance at the museum costs P50.


Inside Baclayon Church

One reason never to miss this place when you visit Bohol! Don’t forget to drop some donations to help in rebuilding this historic church.

Then off we go to Loboc where we plan to stay for the night.

After the jeepney ride, we were surpised to see the Loboc Church. It was really destroyed by the earthquake. Loboc Church is where the famous Loboc Choir stays. They are group of kids with amazing voices.

Loboc Church

We then dropped by at the reservation area for the Loboc River cruise to reserve a slot for dinner. But upon arrival, we were informed that the dinner cruise was canceled since the earthquake.

Since it’s too late already, we headed to the guesthouse, so we can rest and enjoy the rest of the night.

There are two guesthouses near the cruise, the Paddle’s Up Guesthouse and the Nipa Hut Guesthouse. The Paddle’s Up is nearer, and has wifi, so we chose the place. Inside it is a simple yet majestic, close to nature, amazing place!

We rode a habal-habal (single motorcycle), P30/head/ride from the Loboc Church to the guesthouse.

Paddle’s Up Guesthouse

Perfect for backpackers, it has 3 kubos. One is a dormitory-like, you pay for the space that you will use. If you are comfortable sleeping with other backpackers, this is a perfect spot.

The other 2 kubos are good for two.

Three Kubos in Paddle’s Up Guesthouse

Dining Area inside. You may also dine outside, which is actually better.

This room is good for 2. But 3 of us did fit inside! 🙂

The comfort room, shower room, and dressing room is for sharing. But since it’s off-peak season, it seems like we own the entire place!

The open-roof shower room!

We like the most is the shower room and comfort room. Yes, as you can see in the photo, there’s no roof. It’s like taking bath at a natural spring in the middle of the forest!

The water is cold and refreshing.

The comfort room has the same style, but it has a roof. It has a lot of plants inside, very spacious.

No worries, no peeping toms here, I guess? As far as our experience is concern.

The price of the accommodation varies, but they accept walk-ins. The caretakers, Kuya Rico, Kuya Roy, and ate Hilda are very accommodating.

For our dinner, the guesthouse offers a variety of meals from P150 up. The meal is so yummy and worth the price!

Our first day ended with a good and peaceful sleep!

For our stay in Paddle’s Up Guesthouse, we were able to bargain with Kuya Rico. In total, we only paid P1000 each, with two meals (dinner and breakfast) + tip!


Photo Courtesy: MagbooManahanMarcaida

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