Watch out

I’m clumsy. I have this hobby of dropping things and a very unique talent on tripping on a flat surface.

He says, watch out.

I’m impulsive. Today I might want a whole black forest cake, then will crave for isaw. I suddenly imagine myself climbing a mountain. Has this habit on taking an unplanned detour on my way home.

He says, watch out.

I think differently. Most of the time, my mind isn’t with me. Some of those times, I think too much.

He says, watch out.

Then he said,

God is using you more now than before. Watch out. Be on guard.

I then knew that the enemy lurks around. Watching at that weak spot. Waiting for the timing.

And my weak spot isn’t my clumsiness, impulsiveness, or weirdness.

My weak spot is them.

The enemy knows it.

But one thing I know. The God of angel armies is right there by my side.

No one can snatch me back. I’ve been through a lot, and God is telling me.

I’m not done yet. Hold on.

I’m bracing myself on what’s going to happen. I know I can’t prepare myself, but at least, I can tighten my grip and fill myself with His word to keep me planted on where I should stay.


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