Our Differences

I’m too busy with my work, hindi na kita nabibigyan ng time.

Kahit na personal na lakad ito, sinamahan niya ako magpacheck up sa sakit ko (na since high school pa nag-eexist).

Masaya naman ako, kasi nalulungkot talaga ako kapag sobrang busy siya. Though, I understand him. Really. Pero nakaka-sad din kasi minsan na wala siyang time para sa akin.

I know that he’s doing what he can do. Chat. Text. Calls. But there’s no better way of knowing each other than to be together personally, ‘di ba?

It’s weird. I know that in this trip, he’d see me. A glimpse of the real me. Lalo na yung part na takot ako sa karayom.

True enough, he has seen a glimpse of not just me, but also of our differences.

He’s on polo. I’m on t-shirt.
He’s on black shoes. I’m on sneakers.
He has a hanky. I don’t.

But our differences, like in his words, is what compliments us.

I suddenly remember a portion of my love letter for my future (hindi ko pa siya kilala ha!) that I wrote for a writing competition:

You know, life is so different without you. Or maybe, it is going to be more different when you are with me—different in some sort of a good way. I guess difference depends on how we deal with what life has given us, I guess, love is a difference. It has to be one, because it gives us a different feeling of being the most different person, together. I love being different with you.

And true to it’s sense. I love our differences… We complete each other. 🙂

Things he found out about me today:

  • My worst case of wrong sense of direction
  • Poor debating skills (for he’s good at it)
  • Stubborn attitude when we talk about desserts.

Despite this…

I love how he says “I love you” a couple of times, while looking intently in my eyes.

I love how he looks at me, asking me (obliging me) to stop eating sweets for it will worsen my cough.

I love how we worries about me.

I love how I saw him sleeping while waiting for me. It took me awhile to wake him up for I have to grab that opportunity to look at the details of his face, freely.

I love how he’d tease me, then say “I love you” again, while looking at me, then we’ll laugh together.

We’ll just laugh. The sincere one. The laugh that craves for more.

Then he’ll tease me. He’ll tease me for the sake of nothing. He’ll tease me, but with sweetness. And every time I’d try to tease him too, he’d say “I love you”, which I think would mean, “Shut up”. Haha! And before I know it, I’d just shut up, smile, and say nothing.

Even though my mind is shouting out the reply.

I’ll just smile. Look at his eyes, then look away.

I don’t know if I just can’t stand his mesmerizing eyes, or I just can’t let him see me—see me say those words in my mind.

And even if we had conflict the night before that, we were able to easily shrug it off. Being with each other is what matters most. And that the time we spend together is a time well spent.