Short Film Dream

It was one of the bravest thing that I did–to write about my story.

My mentor once told me to write about it, but that moment, I thought I could never write such experience that would constantly remind me of the pain.

But few weeks ago, I found courage to write it, to give life into my dying memory.

Why keep it alive?

Maybe because, I believe that my story is also the story of everyone else, who was blinded by what they thought was real.

Again, experience may be a good teacher, but it is deceptive.

Now, I am not just planning to write it, but also to give visuals into it. But circumstances call for a pause. The timing may not be right by now, but soon, in God’s time, it will be done.

I’m glad that I finally have a script, and even an original song composed by a friend. I’m excited for this thing to come to life, soon.

Hoping and praying for God’s best!


Film friends, interested to read my script? Hihi.


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