Highlights of my 2013


Rice terraces on the way to Kalinga Province Photo (c) Randy Payang
First out of town shoot—Kalinga Province
– kalinga coffee
– sleeping beauty mountain
– Fang Oud, the last mambabatuk
– 1 hour trek
– Butbut tribe
– Cordillera mountain range
– 50’s Diner @ Baguio

Young People at LCC Church for the Post Valentine Celebration Photo (c) Me (kaya wala ako e :p)
First Post-Valentine Celebration
“A love that is not true will lust, a love that is true will last,” Ptr. Ness said during his Sermon of the Gospel with the topic, RATED: R (Righteousness)
Japheth Ness Marcaida and the awesome panganay 😉 Photo (c) Ganaze Marcaida

Bunso’s highschool graduation. Everyone’s in college na! 😉


My youngblood article with Blizzard treat for myself! Photo (c) Me
Got published in Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Youngblood!
Read the article: Good, but deceptive
RN Team with the Sangkalikasan, Boracay Photo (c) si ate from Sangkalikasan team

First local flight—Boracay shoot for Summer Special!

Voter. I can make reklamo. Photo (c) Me

Voted during the National Elections, making use of the ‘media’ privilege. Oh yeah!


Bday Celebration @ Vikings Photo (c) Tina Rellon
Got a birthday surprise from my RN girlfriends (Jaymee, Ate Elaine, Ate Cess), few days before 24
Lunch with my family
Dinner with Ate Cess and Tinabels @Vikings
War Room (Davao, 1st day and COMELEC, 2nd day) Photo (c) Me
First ever election duty
Yeah! Lezz do diz. Para sa bayan! at RAKET!
Nick Vujicic’s 2nd book Photo (c) Me
Saw Nick in person, twice this month!
at Tiendisitas with myself and at Araneta Coliseum with ate Elaine
I super love the chapter 3 of this book! ❤
with Kuya Ian @ EK Photo (c) Ian Simbulan

GMA @ EK. Hurrah for family day! 🙂


Ang promotional poster na hindi pwedeng ipromote! Photo (c) Me
Took part and witnessed the proposal of the century during the Dawnwatch Culmination day!
With the lovers of the century Photo (c) Nestor Marcaida

Had a dinner treat with the lovers of the century at Dad’s, Saisaki, and Kamayan Restaurant


AKLATAN 2013 Photo (c) si kuya from Anvil Publishing
First ever book affair stuff! Of course, with the ever beautiful, Ms. Bebang. Finally, we met after almost two years! 🙂
Nilagpasan niya ako, nagets ko na. Hindi niya ako naaalala. Inabot ko ang libro para pirmahan niya.
“Hi, parang nagkita na tayo!”
Ngumiti ako at sa isip ko, “yes! Naalala na niya”.
Sabay sabing, anong name mo? (Para ilalagay sa book).
“Gazelle po”. (naku, hindi pala ata)
“Anong spelling?”
Sinulat ko sa isang papel ang spelling.
Kitang kita ang singkit na mata niyang biglang nanlaki matapos mabasa ang pangalan ko. yes, narealize niya na sa wakas!
Le PDAFers Photo (c) ELAINE MAGBOO (naka-capital pa ha! ;p)

Digested the COA Reports, scrutinized the NGOs, tallied the corrupted kaban ng bayan, and voila! Sleepless nights but we rock!


Filipino-authored books Photo (c) Me

Participated in the Visprint’s Warehouse Sale. Booookkksssssss Galore!

My Bible Photo (c) Me
Got a one-week sermon from the Lord. The most unforgettable encounter with God. It’s as if I’m learning directly under His feet. Such an awesome feeling!
Here’s some of it:
Sunday: 1 Cor. 10:31 -“…whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”
Monday: 1 Cor. 15:57 – “He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”
Tuesday: John 14:27 – “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart…”
Wednesday: 1 Corinthians 2:5-11 – “Forgiveness for the offender”
Thursday: John 20:19-23 – God asked me, “Are you willing?”
Friday: Romans 12:19-21 – “Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good”
Saturday: Psalm 3:3 – “But you, O Lord, are shield for me, my glory, and the lifter of my head”
Isn’t He a sweet, sweet, God? :’)
Tawiran sa COP Photo (c) Ganaze Marcaida

2nd Harvest Conference at COP!

JTR Media Photo (c) Ganaze Marcaida
I’m glad that this year, I had it with my MEDIA FAMILY ❤
Mini Bebang and Poy Photo (c) Me

The most awaited, ever funny, and book-inspired wedding of the year! This is really a wonderful opportunity, to be a part of a very remarkable chapter of their lives. Ms. Bebang and Sir Poy’s story is really inspiring and overwhelming. :3

Giselle and Me Photo (c) Debbie Vivo
And finally, I met the owner of Crazy Dreamy Crafts, shop ng mga bookmarks and book pouch na hand-sewn!
So now, cheers to 2013! For all the firsts, achieved dreams, and remarkable adventures… I’m more than ready, 2014! 😉
Photo (c) Ganaze Marcaida

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