Soul Surfer Movie Review

“Waves of Fears”

Spoiler Alert! Some words might give clues to what happened in the film. I tried my best not to! 🙂

The world is a chaotic place to live in. You dream, it destroys. You fight, it finds weapons to defeat you. You surf, yet it tries to drown you. But life is a matter of perspective. If things aren’t seen clearly on this side, why not try the other view? Dreams are not destroyed unless you stop dreaming; defeat doesn’t mean you lose,it only means ‘another chance’; and surfing won’t drown you unless you let the waves eat you. By finding a good perspective, you’ll see that the world isn’t that chaotic as what we thought it is. Breathing life to Bethany Hamilton’s real life, Sean McNamara tried to splash the movie industry with a big and perfect tidal wave.

A true story of a mermaid with feet, Bethany Hamilton (AnnaSophia Robb) reaches for her dream of becoming a professional surfer. Her competitive journey starts at a very young age, having two elder brothers, Noah (Ross Thomas) and Timmy (Chris Brochu). With Alana (Lorraine Nicholson) on her side, her best friend since birth, her boyish and girlish attitude are balanced well that developed a strong attitude of Bethany towards life. With her family as her guide, and as God as her possibility, she faces a more challenging role, not just a surfer, but also an inspiration to the people all over the world. Hugging her destiny with one hand, Bethany finds her perspective in line with God’s plan in her life.

If there’s this one thing that you just wanted to do all your life, and in a snap, was snatched away from you, how would you face your new world? Soul surfer is an inspirational movie, made to give courage to its viewers on how to deal with life.

God has his own perfect plan to everyone. Every part of our life story is personally-made by God, that we may grow into a person he wanted us to be. Every trial that we encounter is strategically put in the calendar of life, giving us the chance to experience the joys and the pains of living. Every single detail was put into purpose, thing is, when bad things happen, we no longer see the very purpose of such.

Crashing through the waves of fear, our only weapon to go up against it is our surfboard of faith. We don’t need to understand, we just need to believe that the best has yet to come.

The attitude of acceptance and forgiveness is very explicit in the film, highlighting God as the center of joy for the Hamilton family, despite the struggles that they went through because of the incident that took away nothing from them. Nothing, because they didn’t let that incident snatch anything from them.

If there’s one thing that we must learn from the film is that, if you lose one thing that matters to you, imagine other people who lost everything they had. You never lose your life, so why give up on dreaming? It only takes one requirement to dream: breath.

Waters can be peaceful and harmful at the same time. It gives life and it kills. But despite its bipolar characteristics, “just let the surfing do the talking”. Anyway, faith is an action word. You get to choose how will you define a ‘water’ in your life.

God did never plan for harm, it’s always to prosper, to give hope, and a bright future. So unless you’re there, then definitely, you’re not yet on God’s plan.

Just as what Bethany said, your passion for something will always get you through all odds. “Love is bigger than any tidal wave or fear.”


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